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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lizzy's 5 Year Old Birthday Letter

Lizzy –
Your 5th Year – 5 times the Sun

Lizzy you are now 5 years old!

You go to preschool and have learned so much. You love learning things on your own. You can now count to a 100, read, write, and spell words, and add and subtract. Right now you especially love to spell and write words.  You will be starting kindergarten this year!

Your favorite foods are edamame, sushi, broccoli, watermelon, and strawberries. You like eating fruits and veggies of all kinds. Your favorite sweet treat is ice cream. You love to get ice cream from the ice cream man.

You like to play board games, pretend school, and color. You love going to the park and this year you learned to do the monkey bars on your own.  You love to swim in the pool and you can now float on your back and swim on your own for a short time.

Your favorite TV shows are Scooby Doo, My Little Pony, and Funniest Home Videos. Your favorite movie this year is Frozen. You still love to sing and your favorite songs are all from the movie Frozen. You love to sing Let it Go.

With mommy you like to spend time painting each other’s nails and playing My Little Pony during bath time. With daddy you like to watch Spider Man and color coloring books together.

You are very loved and you fill our lives with joyous sounds with your singing and stories everyday.

Happy Birthday!
Mommy and Daddy

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