Building Rainbows

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cornstarch Goop

Lizzy has always liked the show Sid the Science Kid and each show they have an experiment you can try at home. Lizzy watched the show then found me to ask if we had cornstarch, water, and food coloring. We had the ingredients and Lizzy made cornstarch goop. Lizzy played with this at least 40 min. which is a long time for her. Lizzy enjoyed making balls of goop and watching it ooze and drip through her hands. 

Lizzy let me know today that she wants to start making her own cooking shows! I think she could. Lizzy has been cooking and baking with me since she was very little and now she can help in the kitchen by gathering all the ingredients, measuring, and even following simple recipes. Lizzy usually helps prepare dinner most nights in some way or another. I feel lucky to have so many memories of Lizzy at home helping in the kitchen, doing activities, lounging around, and being silly. Cooking video by Lizzy coming soon on youtube!

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