Building Rainbows

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stepping Stones

We moved to Arizona a year ago and since then Mike and I have both found jobs here we love, Lizzy had a great year at what I think is one of the best Montessori preschools ever, and we've managed to survive the heat and enjoy what Arizona has to offer. We don't think we'll be moving again anytime soon so we have decided to make Arizona our home and have bought our first house! Lizzy made stepping stones to put in the backyard of our new home. We used a kit we found at Walmart that included materials to make four stones. One of Lizzy's hand print, another of Bella's paw print, and two butterfly garden designed stones. Lizzy enjoyed painting one each day after school until we finally took them to the new home together after we closed on the house. We will be busy moving into our new home, Disneyland Birthday, and Lizzy starts summer school at ASU all in the next two weeks! I'll be back to posting when things slow down.

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