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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birthday Preview

Lizzy will be turning two in 2 short weeks! Last year Lizzy had a big 1st birthday party but this year we are doing a small party with only close friends and family. I feel that at Lizzy’s age it’s best to do something fun with people she loves on her special day. We’ve planned a luau pool party with a hula girl theme.

Later that evening we plan to do a more intimate family celebration at home. We will read Lizzy her birth story, last year’s birthday letter, and this year’s birthday letter. Blow out the candles on her birthday ring, have some cake, and open gifts.

Birthday Table
Lizzy's Birthday Ring

I can’t wait for my little girl’s special day!

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  1. It is so hard to believe that your baby is almost 2! That is such a super-fun age. I loved what you wrote about your mom for Mother's Day. You are one great little mommy and daughter and wife! I look forward to hearing about Lizzy's luau!