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Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Pool Day

Lizzy has been begging to go swimming in the pool after seeing kids swimming in the apartment pool starting a few weeks ago. Lizzy will say "pool, pool, swimming swimming, water water" then she will pretend she is swimming on the floor. we finally took her to the pool for her first pool day of the year.

Lizzy sat in her float and after a while we took her out and let her play on the steps in the pool. She learned to kick in the water and just get comfortable again. Lizzy follows directions a lot better this year. This time she was hesitant to go near the water fountains which she loved to play with last year. For some reason Lizzy got scared and worried when Mike would swim under the water, I guess she couldn't see him or didn't know what happened to him. It's interesting to see how she is much more observant and cautious of things now. Lizzy had so much fun on her first pool day of the year that she didn't want to leave but, we will be back.

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